Coffee shops in Cow towns

We live in a cow town. For you city folk – that means that a majority of the money flowing into this town comes from beef processing. Ever wonder what cow’s blood smells like when it burns? I know the smell.  Locals will tell you it’s the smell of money – yea money and death and processed beef and then probably cancer. 

Despite all the hicks and honkies surrounding me – we still have a few nice little coffee shops with local art hung about. 

I’m sitting in one right mow…blogging mow. And it’s GREAT! No one is here. Well a few people. But most Greeley folk are at McDonalds or Starlordbucks getting their java on. And good for them. Stay out of the art filled coffee shops you shit smelling walmart shopping fucker. You have your plastic cups of coffee filled and it’s a full day of shopping and cleaning for you. Please just leave my wife and I alone in our lovely little coffee shop. 

I’m sure this is what people in places like New York or Paris or Portland feel like when people like me coming walking by. Point taken New Yorkers – I will keep my Midwest ass out of your town – I don’t belong. But if you see a guy in a cowboy hat smelling of blood and shit he isn’t with me. 


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