Potty Monster

A great debate in the house is the use of bathrooms in the office.  Basically, should anyone use the bathroom in the office or just keep it in until they go home.  This is also boiling down to just number 2 on the potty chart.

Right off the bat – I am pro-pooper.  Let’er rip good buddy!  I can’t think of a lot of health benefits from holding in shit all day – plus I would much rather haunt the noses of my co-workers then make the wife and children suffer.  What’s nice about my office – it’s all single use bathrooms – which means every time is Nick time.

That wasn’t always the case though – some places I have worked have been multiple stale bathrooms.  OK then – challenge accepted.  Handicap stale anyone?  It’s like having a New York City sized apartment just for going to the bathroom.  So much more room for activities!  But why would someone be anti pooper at the workplace if you have the chance for single stale AND you aren’t stinking up the home.

Modesty perhaps.  Maybe some find it rude to force people you work with to such horrific events like pooing…hell if I know…I’m an asshole.


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