Yes, and?

I’m not the first to say it but there is a special bond between a father and daughter. You become over protective as they grow up and they tend to gravitate towards men that remind them of you.  It’s a weird and special bond.

Non-more special then the bond between Eva and I.  This isn’t to discount the relationship I have with my step-son – which is different in its own right.  But the father/daughter bond is what this blog post is about today.

And more specifically the bond we have with comedy.

I noticed it a few years ago when my wife had a not so normal interaction with Eva.  Of course Eva was being a little butt dwelling monkey and not giving my wife any sort of space.  To which my wife asked if she could have some space from our daughter.  Angry, Eva spouted off “If you want space why don’t you get in a rocket and go to space?”.  Now this line isn’t making it onto Saturday Night Live anytime soon – but for a 3 year old it was impressive.

Another great example is her comedic timing.  I have an old joke from my grandmother that goes like this “How does a squirrel scratch his nuts?”  To which you would reply “How?” – expecting her to scratch her private area.  Instead she puffs up her cheeks and scratches them.  Adorable and borderline offensive for a 3 year old.  But she told the joke wonderfully and for years to all our family.  This made the 3 year long wait to the next phase of this joke even better.  Eva had beaten this joke to death with EVERYONE!  This meant that it was time to finally turn the punchline towards the more offensive conclusion.  Eva sets up the joke, people in the family kindly ask how, and BAM – there is a six year old scratching her private area and laughing at the horror on their face!  Hell yes I gave her the idea – but she did the timing and delivery all on her own!  Proud Dad…

This leads to the next great thing she picked up on.  ‘Yes And’ing’…a concept comedians know – but one I wasn’t aware of until comedian Pete Holmes mentioned it on one of his podcasts.  Simply put you agree with the world or joke the storyteller/smartass has created and then add your own spin or encourage more.  Used in the improve world – it’s something not a lot of 1st graders are throwing around.

The other day in the car I was doing my latest character that I’m subjecting the family to – stupid Texan who has different names for everything.  Example “In Texas we call flowers – color sticks.”  Or I just yell “WOOO Texas!” if some moron cuts us off in traffic – assuming the moron comes from Texas.  It’s childish and I’m stereotyping a whole group of people – so it’s really fun!  Anyway Eva decides to encourage her dumb dad instead of finding the whole thing stupid.  “Dad what do they call mountains in Texas?”- “Well that’s easy – rocky hills!”  “Dad what is grass called in Texas?” “Well daughter it’s called field turf!”  It might not sound funny to you but my Texan accent is spot on in person.

She found the humor in the whole thing and encourages more dumb responses from the Texan.  She has even given it a try herself – with not great results but she is trying!  And that’s the thing – she is failing and keeps coming back for more!

  • Timing? Check
  • Yes And’ing? Check
  • Fails a lot and never gives up? Check
  • Her own TV special? soon…

Nothing would make me happier if she grows up to be a comedian.  Or is just a smartass who makes people laugh.  I feel like we have enough sad depressing assholes in the world – it’s nice to know I’m helping to raise someone that can make fun of them.


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